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Podcast #33: POP de la FEMME
"Female singers, pop songs…..GO! Being that these were the only two criteria for our mix it could've ended up being three days long, and almost was…. but you have to stop somewhere. We hope you enjoy." - Aubrey & Shae

2014-01-26 18:44:55
Farewell Sophie.
Our beloved and wise mascot Sophie passed away yesterday. Pic from this past May, around the time of her 20th birthday. She and BPR were both born in 1993 in Chapel Hill, and moved to New Orleans in 1997.

2013-12-13 11:38:27
The Gubernatorial Candidates: Triggerman 2013
"What happens when a profound misunderstanding of African pop meets a profound misunderstanding of DJ Jimi. Originally released 2010; remastered 2013."

2013-11-22 16:26:51
Myth & Measure: Pastoral Brutalism EP
The debut EP from Myth & Measure features four tracks that incorporate electronic, drone, sludge and ambient approaches. The Pastoral Brutalism EP will appeal to fans of Earth, Coil and King Ghidorah.

2013-11-22 16:20:26
Desert Island Podcast #32: Trey Smith's Sixth
Trey Smith extends his lead with his 6th contribution to the Desert Island DJ series: "The Rise & Fall of Debbie Downer & The Rainy Saturdays". Tracks from Matmos, Bill Frisell, Bedhead and Robert Wilkins.

2013-11-10 15:35:04
Podcast #31: Musique du Maison
Rediscovering his love for house music beginning in the mid-90's, Doctor Gumbo pulls together a mix of some of today's top DJs and producers in the genre, including TrenteMøller, Boozoo Bajou, Solomun, Julian Sanza, the U.K's Andy Cato, and many more...

2013-07-06 13:33:32
Podcast #30: Radio Heidelberg
.CitiZen.oBjeCts. captures a moment in radio time in Heidelberg by randomly recording sounds off Deustches Radio one rainy night in February 2000. A time capsule of sound.

2013-05-10 13:33:17
BPR Bandcamp page debuts with Murmur
We now have a Bandcamp page for Backporch Revolution Records. First up is the epic acoustic drone album recorded live inside a beer tank: Fermata: the Dixie Brewery Fermentation Tank Album".

2013-05-10 12:42:59
Podcast#29 - "Smart but casual" by Trey Smith
Trey Smith returns with his fifth installment, this time as iconoclast: "very little of this is music you would normally hear on the podcast in general". More eclectic than our usual offerings? You be the judge...

2013-04-20 16:39:45
Podcast #28: "Air bubbles on an inner tube."
The latest in a series of "unbearably popular" (his words, not ours) podcasts from the humble and discriminating mind of Duncan Edwards. Try to listen to this and not have "Terry Keeps His Clips On" running through your head for the next 7 hours.

2013-03-29 18:04:43
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