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Geisterfahrer BPR-050
IdylHouse EP - the Hurricane demos
On 29 August 2012 Hurricane Isaac crawled into New Orleans, knocking out electricity for most of the city. This EP was written and recorded during and after the storm over five days while the power was out utilizing battery-operated equipment. Songs are presented in the order they were recorded.

released 22 September 2012
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2012 .CitiZen.oBjeCts.
Format: digital album  Time: 14:56 Released: 2012-09-22

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# song name length mp3
1 the Department of Euphoria 4:45 
2 each mist retracts 1:21 
3 swimming the witch 2:06 
4 Oh, Alkaline 1:45 
5 Ausgangssperre 3:04 
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